1. Dr. Bellar, Outstanding! You are both brilliant and entertaining! God bless you and Illinois certainly needs you!

  2. Please provide a transcript, so I can e-mail it to my entire contact list. Yes, I know I can link the YouTube video, but most people are wary of clicking on a link.


      Let me get this straight. (This is a long sentence.)

      We’re going to be gifted with a healthcare plan
      we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t,
      which puportedly covers at least 10 million more people,
      without adding a single new doctor,
      but provides for 16000 new IRS agents,
      written by a committee
      whose chairman says he doesn’t understand it,
      passed by a congress that didn’t read it
      but exempted themselves from it,
      and signed by a president who smokes,
      with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn’t pay his taxes,
      for which we will be taxed for four years
      before any benefits take effect,
      by a government which has already backrupted social security
      and medicare,
      all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese
      and financed by a country that’s broke.

      • This is so sad for America. The congress promised that they would not pass Obama care unless the death squad was deleted from it. Well guess what. we are stuck with it if Obama gets into office again. My doctor has already told me that I will have to find a new doctor if Obamacare goes through. He can not afford to loose his practice and everytime he will treat me he will loose money. How at the age of 77 years old do I find a new doctor. I don’t. I have tried and no one will see me. I really think that Obama knows this and he doesn’t care because it is his way of throwing Granny over the cliff. If anyone that has a older mother or father votes for Obama then they are voting to murder them , because that is what Obama wants. It is necessary for the older people to die (your mother and father) so that his monstrosity health care can survive. And guess what. He just exempted every Muslim from Obama care because it is against their religion, but you will have to pay to cover them. There are about 20 thousand Muslims, 225 thousand Americans out of work, 40, illegals that you will have to pay for , so that is the reason that Granny and Grandpa will have to die, Even though they paid into it all of their working lives. You have to pay for the free loaders. Are you Happy..

  3. Can you please provide a transcript? YouTube’s automated captioning leaves out a lot of words. Thank you.

  4. Dr. Bellar:
    Thanks so much. I needed that. Humor can do this charlatan in. You are right on targete.

  5. Where can I find Dr. Bellar’s long sentence in print…….my hearing is limited and I’d like to actually read it?

    All the best you you……I’m in Denver, but I wish I could vote for you!!!!!


    Edward Hawkins

  6. I live in Georgia (so I cannot legally vote for you but would if I could) and saw this on my wife’s Facebook account, LOVED it. Can we get a copy of the text? You really summed it up, thank you. Also, good luck on the election.

  7. Thank you so much for giving me a reason to laugh. Stellar job of speaking for all of us whose voices are being squelched. I wish that I could vote for you … maybe soon, when you are running for President! God bless and smile upon you always.

  8. It isn’t your sentence. You plagiarized it from the internet without attribution.

    And it is full of untruths. ObamaCare spends billions of dollars training new doctors and other healthcare providers. And it certainly does not exempt members of Congress from its provisions. That is a complete lie. In fact, members of Congress are more subject to ObamaCare then are members of the general public.

    And there are no “16,000 new IRS agents.”. That’s a lie. And it is a lie that no benefits have taken effect. Millions of young people are now on their parents’ insurance plan because of ObamaCare. Hundreds of millions in rebates have been issued to policyholders. Seniors no longer face the donut hole.

    So in one (plagarized) sentence Dr. Bellar has managed to spread multiple untruths.

    • NYP isn’t happy, but the fact is, there hasn’t been one country with a population of over 20 million that has effectively and efficiently managed a national health care program. It will become another mis-managed, big government program that moves us towards a socialized dependency and deeper in debt, not exactly what our country and constitution was founded on. A true healthcare market enterprise without state and regional boundaries will enable quality and competitive healthcare providers to flourish. When you and the rest of the “Big Governement” dependents realize this years from now it will be too late………. I’m assuming by your comment that your already a dependent of the taxpayers earnings, EBT, SSI, WAC…………?

      • All of Europe is trying to get out of the socialist medicine crap. Their Taxes are 50% just to pay for medical care and that isn’t anything else. They are still going broke because of it. When we have the most wonderful medical system in the world , why do we want to change. We know that it has flaws and the have to be fixed but we should not go to socialistic health care. It is a crime against Americans.

    • Millions of kids wouldn’t need to be on their parents healthcare plan IF THEY COULD GET A JOB!!

      Lighten up, the repubs were just havin’ some fun!

    • You have been deceived if you are for Obamacare. Every 5 years if you are elderly, you have to go to and end of life class…REQUIRED… That is so you won’t be a burden on your family, they will help you kill yourself!

  9. You hit the nail right on the head. I used to live in Illinois so if I am still on the voting roles perhaps I could vote for you, however, since I am a Republican they probably got rid of me a long time ago.


    This site is our government explanation of our total population and how they come up with how many unemployed folk. Boring/grim. You can believe we have 12 million or 23 million unemployed. 8.1 % or 19 % unemployed. If you were going to be on tier 3 or 4 Emergency Federal Unemployment- that was cancelled because congress did not vote to approve to continue it due to the “improvement” in the employment picture. When you use bogus numbers by not counting millions of people you get a much better fraction/ ratio such as 8.1 or 8.3 % instead of several percentage points higher. Bogus numbers help rig the election / make you more electable. Do you see Nancy Pelosi or Obama or any democrats stamping their feet and screaming this time around? Where is the community organizer who cares so much about rights and “fairness”? And when so many are doing without look at all the union teachers who make good salaries and benefits (better than many) out striking and carrying on. If they don’t want to work let them go. – Just like Reagan did with flight controllers. Peace, maturity, constancy and consistency are as important as your knowledge and ability to teach.

  11. I live in Mississippi and am in the healthcare business. People don’t have a clue everything they stand to lose and are currently losing from Obamacare because the press only publicizes the positive aspects that the White House approves. I have seen a drastic change in my business and my industry since this law was passed. The people that suffer are the patients who have paid in their premiums for coverage all of their working lives and do not have access to the services they need and it is getting worse as more parts of this law are being implemented.
    Thank you for putting this in simple language that the average citizen can understand!

    • My grandaughter comes home from her job at the medical insurance business and cry’s with worry about us. She won’t even tell us the worst because she doesn’t want to frighten us. We are all hoping that Obama will get voted out and then we can get back to our lives without worry. My doctor is also worried. He says he will no longer be able to treat me. or any other medicare patient.

  12. NYP:

    Obamacare will provide funds to help train appx 3000 new PRIMARY CARE doctors in the next TEN years. We need about 45,000. We also need specialists. And the plan doesn’t actually train new doctors… there won’t be all of these openings at medical schools all of a sudden. It takes 7 years to train a primary care doctor.

    Members of congress have a healthcare plan paid by your tax dollars… so they would not get fined. I don’t think they are exempt.

    The IRS agent thing originated in a GOP committee report, based on a preliminary estimate from the Congressional Budget Office. This past march, the IRS has requested 3,000 new agents to support to ACA (aka Obamacare) and also a sweet $300 mil to improve its infrastructure.

    40% of Americans are actually exempt from Obamacare (great article in Forbes) about this… and so it appears that all these extra taxes will pay for new infrastructure and IRS agents… and, if we r lucky, some new doctors in 10 years.

  13. THANKS, Nyp — I thought everyone was just going to be amused and fall for this with nary a question or observation of fact. Actually, it’s mostly BS!

    One addition: Nyp says: “…members of Congress are more subject to ObamaCare than are members of the general public.” and the popular unattributed internet sentence says:
    “…passed by a congress that didn’t read it
    but exempted themselves from it,…”
    IN FACT this is just plain ignorance rearing it’s ugly head in a sea of negativity!

    READ & REMEMBER, PLEASE: All federal employees, including members of Congress, ALREADY fall under the FEHBP (Federal Employees Health Benefits Program) wouldn’t be eligible. BASIC INFO:
    It is not free.
    It is not “government run” (nor is Obamacare govt-run). BUT it helps keep insurance companies from droppig people if they get sick, excessive fees, ridiculous limits, etc. — like the Affordable Care Act does.
    It is a system of “managed competition” through which employee health benefits are provided to civilian government employees and annuitants of the United States government.
    Pools of commercial insurance companies provide insurance to employees. I.e., the FEHB program relies on consumer choices among competing private plans. It started in the 1960s.

    If you WANT to repeat lies pass along Dr. Bellar’s cutesy crap. If not, pick out anything that is truthful and vote for someone who is more of a straight shooter. She’s playing your sensitivities and fears — BE YOUR OWN THINKING PERSON.

  14. When you have finished reading it completly, get back to us.
    What she fails to mention, and is most important to those living in Realville,
    ObamaCare is not market based, will not contain costs, and is unAmerican.
    Any system that has 3rd party payers,( govt or insurance companies), is doomed to fail from the start…

    Everyone should purchase a 10K deductable hospital plan, open an MSA, and PAY FOR THE SMALL STUFF YOUSELF…

  15. Thank you NYP, for the only comment that shows understanding and intelligence. Certainly the pretty lady was lying, but that’s what all politicians do to get elected from Romney to Ryan to Obama to Biden—= They all lie because they know that if they told you what they were really planning we would never elect them

  16. It isn’t your sentence. You plagiarized it from the internet without attribution.

    And it is full of untruths. ObamaCare spends billions of dollars training new doctors and other healthcare providers. And it certainly does not exempt members of Congress from its provisions. That is a complete lie. In fact, members of Congress are more subject to ObamaCare then are members of the general public.

    And there are no “16,000 new IRS agents.”. That’s a lie. And it is a lie that no benefits have taken effect. Millions of young people are now on their parents’ insurance plan because of ObamaCare. Hundreds of millions in rebates have been issued to policyholders. Seniors no longer face the donut hole.

    So in one (plagarized) sentence Dr. Bellar has managed to spread multiple untruths.

    • my completely tasteful reply to your previous comment got deleted. it was well researched and i’m angry. what the heck? I may still disagree with some of your points here, but I’m 100% with you that I’m never voting for her b/c of censoring comments.

  17. seriously? my previous comment simply clarified parts of that statement. some of this “ling sentence” is completely true and some things are stretches. why did a clarification get deleted? it was completely true. I thought this was funny and I was a supporter… until my comment was deleted. really? I understand you have a right to censor your own website, but so uncool. I’m glad I don’t live in your state. As a republican, I wouldn’t know whom to vote for. I sincerely wish you luck, but understand that I’ll never vote for you for a Federal Office.

  18. to “angel”: let’s review the state of play with respect to Barbara Bellar’s lies about ObamaCare:

    1. When she falsely says that ObamaCare does not “add a single new doctor,” your defense is that the thousands of new doctors that ObamCare expressly provides for are not enough.

    2. when she falsely says that Congress has exempted itself from ObamaCare, you appear to concede that she is lying. In reality, members of Congress are more subject to ObamaCare then are members of the general public.

    3. As for her false allegation about “16,000 IRS agents,” you mostly just wave your arms around in the air. I’ll outsource this one to Ezra Klein:

    “First, the estimate: The CBO predicted that costs related to the Affordable Care Act would “probably include an estimated $5 billion to $10 billion over 10 years for administrative costs of the Internal Revenue Service.” This money, incidentally, isn’t to audit people or go door-to-door enforcing the individual mandate. It’s primarily to give subsidies to qualifying small businesses and individuals. But put that aside for the moment.

    “On March 18, the Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee put out a news release saying the “IRS may need to hire as many as 16,500 additional auditors, agents and other employees.” As you might expect, “may” does some heavy lifting here. First, Republicans are using $10 billion, not $5 billion, as the number beneath their estimate. Second, as says, the GOP “simply divided the spending (which they figured could be $1.5 billion per year once the law is fully effective) by the current average payroll cost for the entire IRS workforce.”

    “In other words: No money for desks, office equipment, rent or anything else. Every possible dollar is hiring “IRS agents.” And it doesn’t account for annual raises. Oh, and before I forget, “agents” is also there to mislead. As notes, “there’s a huge difference between an IRS revenue agent — who calls on taxpayers and conducts face-to-face audits — and the workers who make up the bulk of IRS employees. Those who work at the IRS include clerks, accountants, computer programmers, telephone help line workers and other support staff. In fact, IRS revenue agents make up only 15 percent of the IRS workforce.”

  19. “16,000 new IRS agents” is a straight-up lie that was debunked two years ago. I’m disappointed to see Ms. Bellar repeat this lie here. It does not speak well for her credibility on the Affordable Care Act.

  20. MORE IDEAS…. ……On a small scale, every one who hears this says to me, why don’t you run for President?……………. Why did we spend an extra trillion extra a year when the $300 billion that all business pay in taxes would hire 10 million at $30,000 a year with a tax incentive tied to hiring (10% bottom line tax credit for every 1% increase in hiring)? The recession would have been over 4 years ago and Obama could have saved 4 trillion dollars. Why do we never pay for a classroom? A teacher is worth roughly $50,000 a year with benefits, but year after year we spend $250,000 per classroom. Why? A 1000 foot classroom can be built for $100 a foot or $100,000. Home school kids test as well as government schooled kids. We should be spending for teachers salaries, books utilities and building maintenance, or less than $100,000 a year. We went to the moon with so called average students and average teachers, but now no student or teacher is any good. Why? Why do we spend twice as much for health care as every other developed nation? If we paid for Canada’s health care ( they live a year longer) in return for managing ours, we would have half price health care. Europe at a population of 300 million could manage our health care a with our population of $300 million, with us paying for theirs. The would cost the same, but at least the money would not be wasted. I have never met a thrifty socialist or a “RATCRAT” ( combined word for Republican an Democrat) who had any common sense. You are so lucky to have platform for your voice.” The LEFT is not right and the RIGHT is not right. Every issue is right or wrong, not LEFT or RIGHT. I hope you remember to use that platform to fix government not divide people like the other politicians do for political power. Kenneth C. Krieger Cape Coral, Florida 239-283 7385… PS…. A corporation is a job creating machine. Tax the pay check of the owner, CEO, manager, or employee, but never the job creating capital of a business. The capital is to create jobs never to buy votes for government. When you remove capital from a business you remove jobs. The half trillion the Federal Reserve is wasting buying bad mortgages year after year could put 16 million people back to work year after year. …………………………………………………………………………….
    To create more unemployment all the government to do is raise taxes. The businesses plan moves to tax friendly states or out of the country as they reduce employees and work the remainder harder. That is reverse thinking. I want a jobs marathon that will ask businesses to hire and they will. I want to put the economy in 1st gear and go forward by giving a 10% tax credit for every 1% increase in hiring. That $300 billion that all businesses pay in taxes would hire 10 million people at $30,000 per year. All that $300 billion comes right back to the government in the first year because unemployment is gone, those new food stamps are gone, new welfare is gone, people stop going on early social security and medicare early because of job loss, medicade is reduced and many other things happen including housing repos caused by job losses. The pay roll tax (social security and medicare) at 15% of every new pay check returns $45 billion to the government. The economy is now in second gear as it expands by 15 % that first year because of pent up consumer demand. The economy goes into 3rd gear as more new businesses are created and they hire even more Americans. The shift into over drive is the new confidence that causes bank lending and American confidence in our government cause us to spend more. The government does not loose any taxes. We would double the economy in less than 10 years and our debt to GDP ratio would be half. ….. Kenneth Krieger Cape Coral, Florida 239-283-7385 PS.. Our 5.5% Florida tax should be changed to zero to get companies to move here and replaced with a very small income tax. Even for minimum wage people. A new job is worth a small tax. Tax a paycheck. Never remove job creating capital with taxes. Tax the owner, manager, or employee, but never job creating capital. Please correct me!

  21. I work in the medical field as a RN Talk to an ER doctor or any doctor, nurses and medical records specialist from anywhere USA. about their opinions of Obamacare. Ask how many doctors are leaving their field. Get the real inside story, then decide.

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